by Lost Cities

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James Paugh
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James Paugh Green Tea and Lost Cities are a staple to my early mornings. Favorite track: Authors That Gave Up.
Taimir Gore
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Taimir Gore This is some great melodic hardcore/screamo! If you're a fan of dramatic, grandiose-sounding screamo bands(i.e. Envy, Pianos Become the Teeth) but are also open to really well-performed clean vocals as well then check this shit out. Shame this is all they'll do. Favorite track: Quiet.
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This album is a first and a last


released December 11, 2015

Dave Palmer: Bass
David Partridge: Guitar/Vocals
Andrew Papaspyrou: Vocals
Kalan Vuksanovich: Guitar/Vocals
Corey Wood: Drums

Recorded and mixed at HELM Recording
Engineered by David Partridge
Produced by David Partridge and Kalan Vuksanovich
Mastered by Charles Carvalho



all rights reserved


Lost Cities Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Haunted By Us
Too many lives
Leave me to fall behind
Like them I also lie
To the ones that follow

I’m grasping at answers
Collapsing to find
My way to the ground
I've circled this town
A wandering line
Unwinding itself

Highways whisper our names
Through the trees
We've hollowed inside
Haunted by us

Too many thoughts
Caught in the wind
Will call to the ones
That follow

In the shelters you offer
The centuries tie
Their weight to your words
But visions will blur
Guided by you
I hide from myself

The motions will collide
As providers deny it all
Breaking through the open doors
When you give you take more

And as I drift I'll admit
That hope is a frame we set
To be drawn away
From things as they are
And towards things we've mistaken
Track Name: Quiet
Like ghosts that show themselves
Among the ruins we've kept
Like holding dust inside
The cracks along the crest of a hand
This parting of ways makes us bend
To the pressure of nothing

And the closets all whisper
When did you become so quiet
The windows are choking on laughter

This last glance
At what you couldn't explain
But what's the past
Until we've given it a name
When memories vanish
Like hallways that cave under
The weight of ourselves

When did this home
Become an asylum
Discarded artifacts
Trace outlines on the floor
So all we ever see is something
That's never been there before

Well it's over now
If these walls could talk
They'd hold their tongue
We've been turned into statues
That keep watch at the door
Track Name: Crowds
As the arms of the sky untie
The embraces of faithless wings
Don't bring us to divide

Eyes left in daylight stray
Blind to what we know
Let them go
To gather in crowds
So far from the found

Taking Idols to die
As the saved
You collapse to remain
Only to fade away
Chasing your name
Why look to stars for grace
Plagues by what you are

We cry out as this town
Has been taken by wells
Darkened in the coming dawn
We're forced to press on but we fall

You beg to be released
Don't expect to be received
In bad faith we pray
Disciples always cling
To what they are not
Track Name: Make Nothing Happen
We gather to tie the poet to the mast
Burnt sales make monuments
Of voices that have nothing left to say

It's all gone
These condolences ring hollow
Washing up against the shore
Pages sinking giving way
To a shapeless form

These hands make nothing happen
Cast out to the void of a sleeping sea
Oblivious to this oblivion
Thoughts long lost

These hands make nothing happen
They've left in the absence of calm
The image isn't relevant
Just the sound of it all

This open grave
Takes us with open arms
But nothing is ever clear
Until it's seen through the dark

Cast away the replicas
We've learned through history
Those landscapes of aftermath fade

Cast away the replicas
They've loved too long
We'd love to let the tide
Drag them down

Better to sink with the ship
Than to survive something like this
Track Name: We Were Hopeful
Why can't I be here
Without seeing myself
In someone else

It always happens when
I've been running
And yet I run to them
Just the same

The monuments stand in open air
To commend dead god-fearing men
The honesty of the open air
Is enough to bring down the best

Aren't we all so used to it
And we can't get enough
Of a world getting ill
And the stillness has filled
This wilting sentiment

To fall apart at the seams
To be adorned in the streets

When home is a thing of the past
Seek out the long road
Passing on
Handing over
Talking up the long ago

When we were
We were hopeful
You said
You would carry me

Bring down the best
Only to be up against
These buried men
And the faces
Of all their dead fathers
Track Name: Peace Is An Aftermath
These shadows have left her
To crumble with the city
She's trying to leave
Singing softly to the sidewalks
She's built to deceive

Saying to belong is a lie
Not believing a word that she says
In the distance there is the sound
Of the lost crying out to be led

But this hand on her shoulder
Erases the sky
All that's left is the ground
Where all giants lie

She waits for towers to fall
Just to crawl in the ashes of
This sanctuary of walls
Where her peace is an aftermath

She's found imitating survivors
Who grasp at the floor
Where onlookers gasp at the horror
Where peace is an aftermath

Light hides from the places she's wept
And leaves holes for the lonely
Who found her to try and accept
That what everyone has is not enough

Quiet is too quiet
Among the morals we've kept

And her words
Are in all of your mouths
As the murmur
That tears through the crowds

Scrape them out
Before you make her saviours proud
Track Name: Authors That Gave Up
Here are the restless ones
Who bury the old guards
That hide from what they see
Though they've not seen so far

Where mounds become mountains
We disguise the dark

Old hands lie open motionless
Uncross the arms
Put her inside of his

We've learned it's shallow
Where bones seem to sleep
Beneath the feet of those who grieve

Truth sits below the current
Where belief baptizes the surface

We sink through the horizon
Of authors that gave up
In their landscapes of dust
And we exhale forever
In the depth of the flood

We're all the restless ones
Breathing deep in new lungs

And when they find us
We will have left our names
Upon the lips of the black waves

There are no tears down here
Among the faint songs we sing
To lost kings that we've been
Track Name: Youth Has Gone
You take this moment from me again
You live and breathe putting it on

Days will waste us all
So wait until the youth has gone
And be done

The loss of touch
Clings to us
I'm fading
You stay the same

So take this moment and fold it up
I'm tired of holding this posture
The clothes unmake the man
When will this break
What does this have

I learn to lose
You're not the first
I learn to live
With the thought of you
Track Name: Letting Go
Closed mouths
Don't say it
Don't tell me at all

I'm not so strong
So don't tell me
To keep holding on

The end of this pretending
You can't mistake letting go
The sky calls out
We reach in vain
To pull in down

Slow down
Just have patience
Hold your tongue
And fucking drop me
In this last moment
As I fall quiet is what you owe me

We stand in the empty spaces
We had carved out
On the days that we spent
Believing in ourselves
Track Name: I've Been Wrong
A part of myself
Bury it all
Carried along
By what you built

I've been wrong
Too many times
But I can't stop
A part of myself
From carrying on

Bury it into
What we know
Is not an end

And what is this
I've been long asleep
We breathe with no sigh of relief

I am not halfhearted enough
Because I'm still with you
But I can't keep pulling you through

My mind is always racing
But my head is so lost
And I feel all of the pressures
That press into our thoughts

And I care

Buried under the mess
Of your nothingness
We've been too close
To be so out of it

And what is this
You're still so asleep
Shaking you makes me weak

Don't tell me
About the things
You've let dissolve
Apathy always does it

These empty hours
Fill the same tired walls
Nothing to say
If you can't just say it all
But words will burn
Like effigies

We've been too close
To see the path
That leads us too far
From the side of the road

We've been too close
To see the only road
That takes us too far
To be alone

The amends I fight with
The events that keep us
Moving ahead in circles

I've been a crutch
And it's been saving me
From the thought
Of what you've undone

How can I not
Keep you from moving on
How can I not
Help it along
To keep from moving on